What We Do

Integrated Support Pathways:

  • Registered Services- assessment, transition, reablement
  • Flexible Community Support
  • Multi-Disciplinary Support – Psychology, Behavioural Management, Benefits and Housing Advice

Hillgreen Care and Support offers support to adults and young people with learning disabilities, people on the autistic spectrum, people with a dual diagnosis and people with enduring mental health issues.

Particular emphasis is placed on supporting individuals that may have experienced previous placement breakdowns in other settings, people in transition from out of borough services and young people in transition into adult services.

Hillgreen Care and Support are able to offer a comprehensive assessment, review and transition planning service backed by our in-house multi-disciplinary team.

We can conduct an assessment and provide a fully costed support option within five working days.

Our Support is delivered via an integrated transition pathway which includes accommodation based support and flexible community based support through our domiciliary care agency.

Everyone receiving support from Hillgreen has a transition plan which is distinct from but complimentary to the daily support plan. The transition plan has agreed benchmarked outcomes very clearly focused on the individual maximising their capacity for independence and minimising the need for support.

This approach has enabled Hillgreen to successfully support individuals who had been considered high dependency in other settings to progress to a significantly enhanced level of independence and much reduced level of support.

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