Care Professionals

Why choose support from Hillgreen Care & Support?

  • Experience- Hillgreen Care & Support is an established organisation with a proven track record of positive support provision.
  • Value for Money- Hillgreen Care & Support offers realistically priced support solutions.
  • Integrated services- Registered care, Supported Living and Community Support provide enhance continuity of care and support.
  • Comprehensive Assessment Service- Hillgreen is able to offer a comprehensive assessment service which will give you a full costed support option to your specified deadline.
  • Specialist Support for people with complex presentations – Hillgreen Care & Support services are backed up by our in-house multi-disciplinary team.
  • Access to mainstream resources, services and activities-Hillgreen Care & Support has well established community networks which are crucial in enabling the promotion of personalisation and inclusion.
  • Positive Outcomes- Hillgreen Care & Support has successfully enabled people previously considered high dependency to progress to greater independence and lesser levels of support.
  • Independent- Hillgreen Care & Support is independent which enables us to be dynamic in our service development, realistic and transparent in pricing and creative in partnerships and networking.
  • Advice and support - finances, benefits and housing issues.

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