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Traditionally support services have been purchased by people working for local and health authorities like care managers, commissioners and procurement officers.

While this is often still the case, gradually the situation is changing.

Hillgreen is committed to promoting choice by helping people take control of their support via the use of personal budgets, direct payments and e-market places.

We already provide support to people who buy their support with a Direct Payment. We have worked hard to make things as easy as possible to purchase your support.

We continue to improve our purchasing and billing processes to make them as transparent and user friendly as possible.

Our support is priced on an hourly rate and you only pay for the support you receive there is no set up cost or management fee.

We are an independent and dynamic organisation that works hard to deliver value for money by keeping it’s prices competitive and affordable and the quality high.

What is a Direct Payment?

A Direct Payment is a sum of money given to people eligible to receive social care support to purchase their care and support instead of the local authority providing it directly.

How can I get a direct payment?

If you already receiving a support package from your local authority contact your care manager or social worker and ask them about receiving a Direct Payment. They will arrange an assessment to ascertain how much money you will receive.

Most local authorities are keen for more people to explore the Direct Payment option and some even have a dedicated Direct Payment Team.

Look at your local authority’s website for specific details or for more general advice.

How do I use a Direct Payment?

You can use your Direct Payment to employ a personal assistant, support worker or support team directly but this can be very complicated. You are then responsible for recruiting, training, managing and paying the people you employ.

By using an organisation like Hillgreen the process is much more straightforward, you tell us what you want do, when you want to do it and what kind of person you would to support you to do that. We handle the recruitment, the training, the management and payroll so you can get on with your life.

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