About us

Hillgreen was founded as an independent company in 2003.

This independence has been fundamental to the success of the organisation by allowing growth to take place organically.

Independence has given Hillgreen the space to respond to the radical changes in social care provision in a dynamic way.

Hillgreen is committed to the project of Personalisation and has prioritised our investment in developing the capacity to create new services commissioned by individuals and their circles of support.

Hillgreen believes that the best way to develop services that meet local need and commissioning aspirations is by listening to all stake holders and working hard to build relationships and community partnerships with them.

A measure of this commitment is the incorporation of the Relationship and Development Manager’s role into the strategic management structure.

Community and Diversity

Hiilgreen’s staff team from its strategic management to its frontline staff reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work. Hillgreen has a policy of recruiting from the local community, purchasing goods and services from local providers and engaging with a very wide variety of community and cultural groups. More than eleven different languages are spoken across the Hillgreen staff team.

Hillgreen’s person centred support planning places emphasis on supporting people to maintain their cultural identity.

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